The Portofino Variations - Various Artists (CD)

The Portofino Variations - Various Artists (CD)

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On this album, one of Raymond Scott’s most popular electronic compositions, "Portofino," is interpreted by 20 artists, each version uniquely arranged, recorded and produced in an array of styles: surf guitar, whistling, electronica, chamber ensemble, minimalism, pop, rock guitar, and scat vocals. There’s even two song versions with original lyrics.

The album cover art was adapted from a 1962 unpublished painting entitled "Portofino" by noted artist/illustrator James (Jim) Flora; the original Flora painting is reproduced in the album's gatefold interior.

Please note the vinyl edition (2LP -1000 copies on 180gr, gold vinyl) contains 2 extra tracks: 2 Raymond Scott original recordings. You can find that here.


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