About Basta Music

We are Basta Music, a Dutch record label. We do not focus on the next twitter hit; instead we focus on preserving some great music and developing great talents.

We founded Basta Music in 1995 and were one of the first to sell music online. Although times are changing for us as well, we intend to keep releasing music by our key artists and newly found artists.

Basta Music is owned and run by Jeroen van der Schaaf. The main team of people that has been present from the start and is responsible for a great part of the catalog, consists further of Irwin Chusid (US), Gert Jan Blom (NL), Piet Schreuders (NL) and Jeff Winner (US).

Basta Music
Dorcamp 8
1902AW   Castricum
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)655 371 152
E-mail: info@bastamusic.com

www.BastaMusic.com - www.BastaMusicStore.com

Founded: 1995 

Official name: Fields of Roses Music
Registered Names: Basta - Basta Music - Basta Audio/Visuals - Basta Music Publishing - Fields of Roses Music - Fields of Roses Music Publishing

Financial information:

Chamber of Commerce-registration: 57195439, The Netherlands 

V.A.T. registration: NL001103521B20
Accountant: Blank & Partners, Haarlem, The Netherlands 

Bank relation: Rabobank, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands 
Account: 0300 6843 39
IBAN: NL54.RABO.0300684339 

Member of IFPI 
Member of NVPI 
Member of SENA 
Member of Buma/Stemra (BIEM-contracted)