Ocobar - The Carousel - Digital Download

Ocobar - The Carousel - Digital Download

Basta Music


Basta 3091402 | Released 2004.

Ocobar is a Rotterdam-based trio that composes and performs what they call "Music DeLuxe" -- a mix of Django Reinhardt-style breezy jazz, shaded with specks of country, classical and pop. They augment this mix with electro-sampling and subtle additional instruments.

The band consists of Rob Wijtman, percussion, Bart Wijtman, bass, accordion and Cornell van Vuuren, guitars. Rob and Cornell originally performed with Fay Lovsky, while Bart played with Hasjee Royaal. They formed Ocobar in late 2002 to create music that suggests -- and which could be used for -- film and animation. Their blend of the traditional with the modern has already landed Ocobar's music in several film soundtracks and international commercials and on various TV programs.

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