Hombre Tango - The Music of Marcelo Nisinman - Compact Disc

Hombre Tango - The Music of Marcelo Nisinman - Compact Disc

Basta Music


Basta 3093482 - release March 2, 2018

HOMBRE TANGO – the Music of Marcelo Nisinman

Almost ten years have gone by since Nisinman started writing a series of works which could be considered also to be musical portraits.

These are works dedicated to the musicians with whom Nisinman regularly collaborates and who inspired him to write these tangos.

The idea for and the engine behind this project came from his friend Alberto Mesirca, to whom he dedicates “Alberto’s Tango for Solo Guitar”. “Diana’s Tango” for piano is dedicated to Diana Ketler; the new version of “La Cumparsita” to Natacha Kudritskaya, and “Daniel’s Tango” to Daniel Rowland.

In this recording you will find also a few Baroque compositions, by Buxtehude, Bach and Purcell. Nisinman arranged “Music for a While” especially for Romina Basso.

“Hereticus” is a tango, probably the first one which is made of just seven notes. In each of the seven movements of which it comprises, Nisinman added notes progressively one by one, thus creating an accumulation.


  1. Hombre Tango                        
  2. Music for a While
  3. Daniel’s Tango
  4. In Dulci Jubilo
  5. La Cumparsita
  6. Denket dem Herrn, denn er ist so freundlich
  7. Ciudad Triste
  8. Alberto’s Tango
  9. Hereticus
  10. Diana’s Tango
  11. Patético
  12. Homenaje a un Ángel

Total 75 minutes


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