Fay Lovsky - La Bande Dessinée - Digital Download

Fay Lovsky - La Bande Dessinée - Digital Download

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Basta 3090302

First released 1996

La Bande Dessinée was a band of Dutch top musicians - Fay Lovsky, Joost Belinfante, Cok van Vuuren, Gert-Jan Blom and Louis Debij. On many different instruments - including a Theremin - but without resorting to samples, the group embarks on funny, sentimental and bizarre musical adventures. 

Includes "Champion des Champignons," "In the middle in the middle in the middle" and "Bad Continuity". Produced in 1996 by Gert-Jan Blom. 
Cover artwork by Joost Swarte.

Order the album directly from us; available as CD or download. The download includes the album in high quality (320kbps) mp3's.

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