JacobTV - Shining City - Digital Download

JacobTV - Shining City - Digital Download

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Basta 3091742

Set 2 in the JacobTV trilogy: This box contains his so called boombox music - a new musical style: Music for one or more instruments combined with a soundtrack, to be reproduced simply by a boombox, aka ghettoblaster. The soundtracks are based on audio samples from human speech from every day life, turned into groovy patterns with a dramatic impact. A colourful mix of high and low culture, of classical music, rock, pop, rap, rhythm & blues and jazz. By freely combining avant garde with American popular music easthetics, he creates his ‘Avant Pop’ music, played on this album by a European-American team of distinguished musicians and ensembles. 

get the album directly from us as a Digital Download: you will receive the album in high quality mp3s (320 kbps).

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