Arling and Cameron - Sound Shopping - Digital Download

Arling and Cameron - Sound Shopping - Digital Download

Basta Music


Bastia 3090942

The second album for the Basta label by pop-dance mixmeisters Arling & Cameron was originally released in a special fold-out digipak in 1998. It was reissued in a more standard packaging in 2000. 
The music is bubbly and danceable, like A&C's previous "Easy Tune" releases but in various styles, such as cha-cha, drum 'n bass, and Europop. Chanteuse Fay Lovsky vocalizes in pseudo-French on Jealousie, and another song features Liesbeth Esselink of Solex. Swarte obtained artistic inspiration from the songs.
Arling & Cameron moved to another label (Emperor Norton) in 1999 and continued to produce frothy pop that sounds great both on headphones and on the dance floor.

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