André Popp - Delirium in Hifi - Digital Download

André Popp - Delirium in Hifi - Digital Download

Basta Music


Basta 3090312
First released 1957 (Columbia Records)
First CD release on Basta Music 1996
In 1957, French bandleader André Popp and sound effects wizard Pierre Fantosme startled record buyers with this landmark of music altered by tape manipulation. Hallucinatory renditions of such classics as "Jalousie" and "La Paloma" were created by splicing, varying tape speeds, layering, tape reversal, echo-lags and charts played backwards.
The album was originally released in the US on Columbia Records under the title Delirium in Hi-Fi by Elsa Popping and Her Pixieland Band, and gained quite a reputation among music lovers, DJs, and hi-fi enthusiasts in the age before stereo. The LP has been long out-of-print, and highly sought by collectors. This edition was meticulously transferred from the original master tape and produced for reissue by Beau Hunks leader Gert-Jan Blom. 

The download contains the album in high quality (320kbps) mp3's.

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