Arling and Cameron

Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron worked together since 1994, under different monikers such as Popcorn and Easy Tune, before they released their first Arling & Cameron album, 'all-in', in 1997. The album was released in Japan where they cooperated with a.o. Pizzicato Five, with whom they recorded the song "arigato, we love you" on P5's album 'Happy end of the world'.

In 1999 A&C released 'all-in' in the US, on the LA label Emperor Norton Records and soon after their music was heard all over the world and also appeared in big TV ads and Hollywood movies. 

Two more albums were released on Emperor Norton Records ('Music For Imaginary Films' and 'We are A&C') and they toured the big city's in the US and Canada 5 times before they 'retired' after a car accident in 2001, during their 'we are A&C' promo tour in Spain, in which Cameron was badly wounded. 

After 2001 Arling and Cameron worked together on several movie & game soundtracks and also released a 4th A&C album in 2006, called 'hi-fi underground', but they didn't do live-tours anymore and A&C effectively became a studio project.