Tourdata Theo Nijland bekend!

2016-2017 Store news Theo Nijland tour

september 2016        
zo 18 try-out, matinee Kantine Walhalla Rotterdam
di 27 try-out Het Heerenlogement Beusichem
oktober 2016        
za 01 try-out Verkadefabriek Den Bosch
di 04 try-out Schouwburg Odeon Zwolle
vr 14 try-out Isala Theater Capelle aan den IJssel
zo 16 try-out, matinee Theater PePijn Den Haag
di 18 première De Kleine Komedie Amsterdam
vr 21   Theater Bouwkunde Deventer
wo 26   Calypso Theater Wijk bij Duurstede
zo 30 matinee De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort
november 2016        
vr 04   Parktheater Eindhoven Eindhoven
za 12   Theaterkerk Wadway Wadway
do 17   WestlandTheater De Naald Naaldwijk
zo 20 matinee De Nieuwe Regentes Den Haag
wo 23   Stadstheater Zoetermeer
vr 25   Theater de Purmaryn Purmerend
wo 30   Theater De Nieuwe Kolk Assen
december 2016        
vr 02   Podium Hoge Woerd De Meern
wo 07   De Goudse Schouwburg Gouda
do 08   Schouwburg Amphion Doetinchem
za 10   Theater Aan de Slinger Houten
ma 12 lunchvoorstelling Concordia Theater Enschede
wo 14   Schouwburg het Park Hoorn
zo 18   Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Utrecht
vr 23   Theater Hanzehof Zutphen
januari 2017        
do 05   Theater Orpheus Apeldoorn
za 07   Theater Ludens Voorburg
wo 18   Junushoff Wageningen
vr 20 BGL Theaterweekend
do 26   Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie Leeuwarden
za 28   Theater De KiK Elst
zo 29 matinee Rosa Spier Huis Laren

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  • Sweannill

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  • Marlie

    Well, the UK has “by tradition” certainly the same reputation in Sweden as reflected in the IPKat post. However, I guess that the Americans should compare the facts with other European countries. For example, a seminar held in Stockholm in December about inventive step compared some “ilianvdation statistics” from UK and DE so far (during 2008) that year and concluded that a higher percentage of patents had been invalidated in DE than UK in the courts. Bear in mind that DE in Sweden is seen as a very patent propriator friendly country.

  • André Duits

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