The Beau Hunks & Metropole Orchestra - Our Relations - Compact Disc

The Beau Hunks & Metropole Orchestra - Our Relations - Compact Disc

Basta Music


Basta 3091022 | Rereleased 2000.

The Amsterdam-based "documentary orchestra" The Beau Hunks was originally founded to recreate the toe-tapping melodies from the Hal Roach shorts of the 1930s -- the Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, Charley Chase, Thelma Todd and Taxi Boys series. This music, although familiar to all, was never commercially released by the studios and the original recordings are presumed lost.

Over the years, several attempts were made at recreating the tunes: Robert Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders in the '70s, Ronnie Hazlehurst in the '80s and Vince Giordano in the '90s. It was the Beau Hunks, however, who finally gave the stock music of Leroy Shield its due in a series of albums released between 1992 and 2000. Detective work, top-of-the-bill musicianship, scholarship, vintage instruments, acoustic recording and note-for-note transcriptions combined in quality albums generating rave reviews and prestigious awards.

In this album "Our Relations"you will find recordings which are a reconstruction of LeRoy Shield's original background music for the 1936 Laurel & Hardy comedy Our Relations.

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