Raymond Scott - The Unexpected - Compact Disc

Raymond Scott - The Unexpected - Compact Disc

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This is the same Raymond Scott who gave the world "Powerhouse," "The Toy Trumpet," and dozens of jazz novelties of the 1930s long associated with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons. He was later an inventor of electronic instruments. During the period he recorded this album, he was deep into modern jazz and working more with small ensembles (the way he began in the 1930s) instead of orchestras which he had conducted and recorded with since 1940).
Scott's 1960 album THE SECRET 7: THE UNEXPECTED featured an all-star line-up, the cream of New York's jazz cats. However, the names of the musicians were not officially revealed. But as jazz historian Nat Hentoff stated in the liner notes: "Jazz aficionados will instantly recognize the players." This album was originally released on vinyl by Top Rank in 1960, in a limited pressing. It features a number of quirky Scott originals, along with imaginative arrangements of pop standards. There are three bizarre novelty numbers: "And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon" and "And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon," which feature Scott's then-wife singer Dorothy Collins on chipmunk-like sped-up vocals; and "Quiet Entrance," a jazz-noir piece that includes a murder with sound effects.

This is the album's first CD release. It is part of Basta's Essential Reissues series. The album features the original liner notes, the original cover, and a secret URL to learn the names of the legendary musicians who played on the sessions.

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